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We have purchased 1000's of homes over the years. Here are some of our most recent clients!

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“They were great…A lifesaver. My godmother has dementia & blindness, and she didn’t even realize they were foreclosing her house! GA House swiftly rescued her from foreclosure, and on top of that made sure she had plenty of money leftover for her wellbeing.

- Theresa, Powder Springs

“We appreciate all the hard work and diligence to make [closing] possible quickly and truly appreciate the amazing experience and support from start to finish.”

- Courtney & Louise, Lithonia

“You guys were the best part of the whole process!”

- Michele & Amir, Braselton

“It was just easy! They were legit; they’re quick! We did a background check on them, too!”

- The Goodsons, Snellville

“Amazing! I had a good experience. Swift. Professional. I got a lot of money out of it and I’m happy.”

- Lejoye, Fairburn

“They were very efficient. We were pleased from the moment we walked in the door to the moment we walked out after the closing. It was quick and easy, which is what we wanted. We would recommend GA House to anybody who has a house that they’re ready to put on the market.”

- Mr & Mrs Franz, Warren

“They covered all the costs and even negotiated down a lien for us.”

- Sabitra, Stone Mountain

“It was just time to sell it and just one of those things. It was a nice, easy process.”

- Ashley, Dunwoody

“Thank you so much for dealing with the reverse mortgage company.”

- Mae, Decatur

“I am so happy. GA House gave me money and time, even driving to another county to ensure paperwork was sorted so we could close quickly.”

- Zawdie, Mableton

“You offered more than any other investor and worked day and night until we closed. I really appreciate you guys. The fact you even knew how to help out in a strange situation was amazing.”

- Ryan, McDonough

“They agreed to what I asked for, from the price to the time to move!”

- Jana, Bogart

“Thank you for arranging all this just the way I wanted.”

- Joelismar, Braselton

“We walked with quite a bit of cash! This turned into a very sweet deal.”

- David, Jackson

“They literally rescued me from foreclosure at the last minute, then gave me over $17k to walk with and time to move. I really appreciate how hard they worked to help me. I really didn’t believe it at first, but they came through.”

- Nick, Locust Grove, GA

“I checked out other offers and theirs was the best: time, with money in hand from the closing. They were easy and transparent.”

- Kenny, Rocky Face

“Thank you for your help in getting the process done fast. I appreciate it very much.”

- Tammy, Colbert

“It was an amazing experience!”

- Cynthia, Loganville

“You guys went way beyond the call of duty. Even when my payoff came up unexpectedly higher and you still went forward. Thank you guys so much!”

- Dantavius, Decatur

“I saw them almost bend backward to ensure I walked with money from the transaction, even though my payoff came high. I appreciate all the hard work and the extra time in my place afterward.”

- Rosvelt, Jonesboro

“Y’all saved me last minute and helped me out of a stressful situation. Thanks for contacting me! I was bombarded with quite a few offers but y’all were by far the most professional, helpful, and efficient.”

- Timothy, Fairburn

“Their attorney was able to catch my lender trying to pad the payoff amount! They went to great lengths to help me when I thought all hope was lost.”

- Karen, Macon

“They walked me through the whole process, negotiating liens and resolving legal matters, then gave me plenty of time to move out… I really appreciate you and your company helping me.”

- Kim, Loganville

“Ryan was prompt and explained everything clearly. I walked with plenty of time and money.”

- Wendy, Alpharetta

“The process was very easy & very quick. Thank you so much for the time & the money.”

- Marlene, Marietta

“They came up on the price of my house when the payoff came in higher than expected, and still gave me money on top of that.”

- Christine, Augusta

“You all bided a lot of time and took a lot of risks to assist when I needed it. Thanks for all the time, research, and the extra on top!”

- Jason, Cartersville

“Just when all hope was lost, you all helped me negotiate down a lien and then come up to an inflated payoff just to help me out. I appreciate ya’ll’s help.”

- Michael, Screven

“GA House did everything they could to get me money and make moving easy. You really took on a lot of responsibility and went above and beyond to help me out. Thanks! ”

- Kristin, Marietta

“It worked out! I got rid of a nagging tenant and a tough situation. I would have never thought anything this good would come out of it.”

- Mark, Griffin

“Last minute save! Literally up until the LAST possible time, Ryan did things even the attorneys couldn’t figure out and saved me from disaster. Wow!”

- Jonathon, Braselton
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