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How long does it take to close?

From the time you sign our contract, it typically takes 7 business days to close. Occasionally less, occasionally more, depending on the location of your house in Georgia. There are additional ways of transferring ownership that allow us to move even quicker. Just reach out and we’ll explain.

We are actually ready and capable of buying your house on the spot, but the formalities of title work are the main reason for any delay.

Will your offer change? Can I negotiate?

While we do our best to make a great initial offer, we always welcome your feedback and negotiation of our price. We want you to be happy and feel that you got a great deal from a cash sale to GA House.

Once we agree on a price, we hold firm so you know we act with integrity and you are not served any surprises from our side.

I saw an estimate for my house value on Zillow. Is it accurate?

Probably not. In Atlanta, 99% of Zillow’s estimates (“Zestimates”) are within 20% of the actual market value. That’s a huge margin of error. About 86% of the time they are within 5% of the actual value, but this is quite difficult to determine unless you dig deeper.

Zillow is a great tool; it gives instant access to public information previously only available to agents. The best thing you can do when evaluating the accuracy of a Zestimate is to look at homes that actually sold within 6 months that are identical or very similar to yours, and in the same 5-mile radius or subdivision.

I have other offers for the house. Why should I choose GA House?

Great! The more offers you get the better, but make sure you verify proof of funds (POF) and evaluate the legitimacy of the offer.

GA House is established, transparent, and direct – there are no middlemen, just US!

Consider alternative offers you may have:

Big conglomerates, usually hedge funds or selling to them, offer prices that are almost too good to be true to initiate interest, but then drastically reduce the offer upon inspecting the house. Their model is usually “buy & hold” so they do bare minimum renovations and rent the house out.

Wholesalers try to do the opposite. They negotiate a fair price with you from the start but have actually factored in their own commission based on buying standards of end buyers like GA House. They get you to sign a very simple assignable contract, which they then solicit to investors like us. They know what we will pay for a house and so they’ll offer a minimal amount to you, the “Seller”.

GA House is neither a heartless machine nor out for a quick buck at your expense. We are the real deal, genuine cash buyers offering the best price we can for your house and ensuring it is in good hands.

What if my house needs repairs or renovation?

GA House will buy your house as-is!

We have an in-house construction crew that is prepared, skilled, and quite used to renovating every aspect of a house. We will buy your house with all its existing flaws, repairs, and renovation needs! We buy houses needing only minor repairs or touch-ups to houses that virtually need to be rebuilt. We even buy houses with fire damage.

That’s one reason selling your house for cash is so easy.

What if I have tenants?

Each case is different, but GA House typically does not buy houses with tenants unless they have a month-to-month lease or have been notified in advance of the house changing ownership.

In cases where we have purchases homes with tenants, we make arrangements for the tenants to move, paying them to do so.

If you have a house with tenants you would like to sell, give us a call to discuss your situation and we’ll let you know what we can do to help.

How do I receive my cash?

As enticing as it is to see a briefcase full of cash, it’s both impractical and unsafe! Rather, our closing attorney holds money in escrow and arranges for a wire transfer immediately after closing or issues you a check on the spot.

“Cash” in real estate transactions means verified funds; no loans or “hard money” involved.

What if I need cash quickly, but need time before I move out?

Not a problem. If you need some time to finalize your moving plans, you have up to 45 days for whatever you need to arrange.

You’ll have the money from the house sale ready to use & you can choose a closing date that is convenient for you.

What if my house is full of old stuff I’d like to get rid of?

Don’t worry about it! GA House buys houses as-is, which means you don’t have to clean or empty your house when you sell it to us! Our crew will take it all away & haul any junk. You take the money, we’ll take the house and the stuff!

Just another great reason selling your house for cash to GA House is so easy.

What if I’m not sure where to go after I sell? Can you help me find a new place?

We do not have relocation services however you may check out our homes listed for sale if you’d like.

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