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Reasons to Sell

GA House buys houses all over the state of Georgia.
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Empty nester? Too much house? Downsizing in today’s market is usually very profitable. GA House gets you the money you need to move into a smaller, more manageable house in as little as 7 days. Whatever the reason you are looking to sell your house, a quick cash deal is often the best option. GA House buys your house as-is, with no repairs, no cleaning, no showings, no commissions, no fees, and no hassles! Imagine just walking away with cash in hand to help pave the way to your next venture. We close when you want and give you the money and time you need to move into your new house. Give us a call for a no-obligation offer & see how we are the best option when downsizing.

Listing DifficultiesListing Difficulties

Perhaps you are tired of having offers go through? Is every buyer pickier than the next? Just want the money and to move on? If you find traditional selling to be a headache, with everyone from agents to attorneys getting a cut of your money, selling your house for cash is a great way to cut to the chase. GA House shows you the money! We make our offers comparable to what you would get at the end of a traditional sale with agents, showings, offers, and waiting for loan approvals. GA House does all the repairs & renovations, pays all closing costs and commissions, & never delays or reneges because we buy houses in cash, as-is!

Let us know how much money you want to walk away with after selling your house and we’ll make our real-deal offer!

Renovation HasslesRenovation Hassles

Renovations and repairs can be costly and time-consuming. This is precisely one of the many reasons you should choose GA House to buy your house as-is! With GA House you don’t have to worry about doing any repairs to your house. We essentially have an in-house construction company with a seasoned, smooth system of cleaning, rehabbing, and reselling houses in Georgia. We buy houses in Georgia, rehab them start to finish, top to bottom, have them fully inspected for things like termites and mold, then resell them in pristine and spectacular condition. You literally won’t believe it is the same house! We buy houses in Georgia in their current condition, no matter what it may be. Imagine, you can sell your property right now making NO REPAIRS or renovations and with all its current problems! But that’s not all! Our team takes care of all the junk hauling and cleaning as well. Leave whatever you want in the house; it’s our problem, not yours!

Inherited HouseInherited House

Were you recently bequeathed a house that you don’t want to keep? While it is nice to get property after the passing of a relative, it is often an unexpected burden. You now have to take over maintenance or payments and it can be quite a headache. Why not sell the house to GA House for cash and save yourself the headache while lining your pockets with cash? We love buying inherited houses because we buy them as-is and are prepared to take the burden away from you. You walk away happy and satisfied with a cash sale for your inherited house. Give us a call and we will show you just how much money you can get!

Divorce SettlementDivorce Settlement

No one wants to go through a divorce, but when it is inevitable, a quick settlement is ideal. Since the house is often a big point of contention, selling it for cash makes for an amicable and quick solution. Divorce settlements can be tedious and cumbersome, but a quick cash sale of the house leaves all parties satisfied and takes away the emotional burden in a hurry. Contact GA House to explore the benefits of a cash sale. We are willing to work with all parties to ensure everyone is satisfied.

Terrible TenantsTerrible Tenants

Nightmare tenants? Repairs needed? Code violations? Evictions held up in court? Just tired of being a landlord? Guess what – GA House will gladly buy your rental property for cash! We negotiate with both owners & tenants to come to agreeable terms to take over a burdensome situation in a hurry. GA House is full of seasoned real estate professionals with a knack for satisfying the needs & wants of landlords and tenants. What better than a quick cash sale of your property to relieve yourself of a troublesome situation?

Fire DamageFire Damage

The one thing that will make 99% of investors run away from buying your house for cash is fire damage. It’s simply too much headache and liability for most investors, but GA House is ready to buy your fire-damaged house for cash! We are capable of salvaging a house damaged by fire and giving you cash in your pocket so it is not a complete loss. Each situation is different but GA House is willing to give you an offer and do our level best to assist you.

Financing Elderly CareFinancing Elderly Care

Selling a house for cash to pay for the costs of assisted living is increasingly common. Moving to assisted living often must happen quickly and the responsibility of paying for it is thrust upon relatives who are not able to finance the care of their loved ones. When no one has the time, energy, or money to invest in repairing a house, readying it for the market, waiting for potential buyers to get loan approval, and hoping the deal goes through, a cash sale from GA House is a real life-saver! We buy the house as-is and give you time to move out. You can take all the things you want and leave the rest for GA House to deal with. We promise a stress-free transition and are here to help you assist your loved ones transition to a better situation.

Needing Investment CashNeeding Investment Cash

The market is hot! Who knows how much longer we’ll be in a seller’s market, but the time is ripe to sell your house for cash to GA House. We get you money in 7 business days or less so you can move on to your next investment. Get capital for your investment without going into debt.

Perhaps your buy & hold ambitions have changed or your fix & flip was stalled by market fluctuation or a business partner and you just need out! GA House to the rescue! We know what it is like and we are here to buy the house for cash and take over the responsibility. Give us a call or text today to see how we are the best solution to getting your investment money in a hurry.