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A quick look

What does it mean when we say “Cash Buyer” in the Real Estate industry?

Real estate transactions involve such large amounts of money that most people cannot afford to buy properties outright, so buyers need to borrow money (hard money / loans / mortgages) to buy a house. Traditional house buying usually involves arranging loans, house showings, agents, insurances, plus attorney and other fees. The transaction is so lucrative, everyone tries to get a cut of the proceeds so the process is long and involved. CASH OFFERS differ – they are simple, quick and the seller takes the only cut! Selling your house for cash means the buyer pays ALL THE costs involved in the transaction and without any loans or public showings of your property. Cash offers are also AS-IS, meaning the seller does not need to spend a dime to repair their house according to the specifications of the buyer!

The whole process of a cash sale requires only the time it takes to process the legal paperwork, typically 7 business days, max! The seller chooses the closing date, signs a few papers at the closing attorney’s office, and then gets their choice of check or wire transfer. Done deal!

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