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Quick advice for home sellers

Our Top 3 Tips for Selling Your House in a Time Crunch

Life happens. Whether you need quick money or are simply ready to get rid of a burdensome home, needing to sell your house fast is not as daunting as it seems! Here are some tips to keep in mind when formulating your game plan.

1 Don’t involve unnecessary third parties- when under a time constraint, find someone who can do the most work for you- in the least amount of time. Often, working with a realtor will cost you both time and money. Not only will you be responsible for time-consuming repairs and renovations, who you’ll need to hire other people for. Additionally, you’ll be working with a middle man whose commission will be their top priority. Don’t be at the mercy of someone else’s timeline. As we say, kill ALL birds with one stone.

2Decide on a selling strategy- Do your research! Don’t start this process blindly, as this will only waste time. Although you want to sell your house fast, don’t compromise on your return. Remember, there ARE ways to get a high selling price in a short amount of time.

3Be flexible- selling a house can be challenging- Keep an open mind as to how you want to sell your house. Many times, doing something different will be your key to success!

To conclude, we encourage readers to do their research, take enough time to weigh your options, but cut out any unnecessary steps or third parties to your sale. You can find ways to maximize profit from the sale without going the “traditional” route of selling a home, and save time & hassle in the process.

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