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Jonathon, Braselton

“Last minute save! Literally up until the LAST possible time, Ryan did things even the attorneys couldn’t figure out and

Mark, Griffin

“It worked out! I got rid of a nagging tenant and a tough situation. I would have never thought anything

Kristin, Marietta

“GA House did everything they could to get me money and make moving easy. You really took on a lot

Michael, Screven

“Just when all hope was lost, you all helped me negotiate down a lien and then come up to an

Jason, Cartersville

“You all bided a lot of time and took a lot of risks to assist when I needed it. Thanks

Christine, Augusta

“They came up on the price of my house when the payoff came in higher than expected, and still gave

Marlene, Marietta

“The process was very easy & very quick. Thank you so much for the time & the money.”

Wendy, Alpharetta

“Ryan was prompt and explained everything clearly. I walked with plenty of time and money.”

Kim, Loganville

“They walked me through the whole process, negotiating liens and resolving legal matters, then gave me plenty of time to

Karen, Macon

“Their attorney was able to catch my lender trying to pad the payoff amount! They went to great lengths to