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I have other offers for the house. Why should I choose GA House?

Author: inttheme

Great! The more offers you get the better, but make sure you verify proof of funds (POF) and evaluate the legitimacy of the offer.

GA House is established, transparent, and direct – there are no middlemen, just US!

Consider alternative offers you may have:

Big conglomerates, usually hedge funds or selling to them, offer prices that are almost too good to be true to initiate interest, but then drastically reduce the offer upon inspecting the house. Their model is usually “buy & hold” so they do bare minimum renovations and rent the house out.

Wholesalers try to do the opposite. They negotiate a fair price with you from the start but have actually factored in their own commission based on buying standards of end buyers like GA House. They get you to sign a very simple assignable contract, which they then solicit to investors like us. They know what we will pay for a house and so they’ll offer a minimal amount to you, the “Seller”.

GA House is neither a heartless machine nor out for a quick buck at your expense. We are the real deal, genuine cash buyers offering the best price we can for your house and ensuring it is in good hands.