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What if I’m not sure where to go after I sell? Can you help me find a new place?

We do not have relocation services however you may check out our homes listed for sale if you’d like.

What if my house is full of old stuff I’d like to get rid of?

Don’t worry about it! GA House buys houses as-is, which means you don’t have to clean or empty your house

What if I need cash quickly, but need time before I move out?

Not a problem. If you need some time to finalize your moving plans, you have up to 45 days for

How do I receive my cash?

As enticing as it is to see a briefcase full of cash, it’s both impractical and unsafe! Rather, our closing

What if I have tenants?

Each case is different, but GA House typically does not buy houses with tenants unless they have a month-to-month lease

What if my house needs repairs or renovation?

GA House will buy your house as-is! We have an in-house construction crew that is prepared, skilled, and quite used

I have other offers for the house. Why should I choose GA House?

Great! The more offers you get the better, but make sure you verify proof of funds (POF) and evaluate the

I saw an estimate for my house value on Zillow. Is it accurate?

Probably not. In Atlanta, 99% of Zillow’s estimates (“Zestimates”) are within 20% of the actual market value. That’s a huge margin

How long does it take to close?

From the time you sign our contract, it typically takes 7 business days to close. Occasionally less, occasionally more, depending